Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Type Selector Bug - Not All Content Listed

A quick post from the beautiful city of Aarhus Denmark, where I will be speaking at the BILT-EUR conference this week.

There is a strange bug in Revit that causes the Type Selector to remember the scope of the list from a previous action. For example, you open a project, look at the Type Selector list, and the open another project and when the Type Selector list is opened, the list space is either too long or truncated.

This appears to be related to Windows 10 or 4k monitors, as it does not happen on the few Windows 8 computers with normal resolution monitors. This issue occurs in multiple versions of Revit, not just 2018.

Notice, in the image below, that the list of casework content is truncated.

In this example, the list has waaaay too much extra space.

When the list is truncated, the workaround would be to click the Edit Type button and pick from the Family/Type drop-down lists at the top (see image below).

I know Autodesk is aware of this... I am sure it will be resolved in the near future.

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