My Enscape Gallery

This page features many of the Enscape-based renderings I have created since 2015. Here is a blog post, on the Enscape site, from 2016 about a presentation I did on Enscape: UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA’S INTERIOR DESIGN STUDENTS LEARN ABOUT ENSCAPE. The images on this page are not in any particular order. Also, I did not create all the models myself, but did develop the rendered image.
FYI: Some of these images use entourage (RPCs) provided by ArchVision.
I have been writing blog posts for Enscape since 2017. Check them out here:

I plan to add images to this page occasionally. Feel free to share your comments below.

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Education projects

Law Office Project, from my two Revit books; Design Integration and Interior Design


Lobby Renovation

LHB Minneapolis Office

Enscape Sample Project

Office Building

Residential Project, from my best selling residential Revit book

Middle School Pool

Landscape Architecture Project

Urban Street Renewal Project

Bridge Restoration Project




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I also write blog posts for Enscape - a new paradigm in rendering, animation and VR for AEC.


  1. Oh my gosh! I have so much to learn. Very cool.

  2. Hi Dan,

    This is cool.
    Quick question about "Work Room" image (the white color casework). How do you make the gap between casework leafs?

    1. Good question... there has to be a physical gap or there is no line in Enscape's "white mode". I have seen this problem with doors; if the frame and door panel are flush on one side you cannot find your way out of the room!


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