Revit Updates

This link provides a list of Revit build numbers. In addition to teams working in the same version of Revit, it is highly recommenced that everyone be on the same build as well. Having your graphics driver up to date usually is ideal as well.

Here's how you verify your current Revit build:

  • Select About Autodesk Revit 2017 from the help menu as shown below.

  • The version and build number is listed in the upper right.

Here is the Autodesk-way to update your Revit install:
Some firms, or schools, will manage this for you. But if you are working on  a peronal compater/laptop you will want to keep your system up to date to minize crahses, security issues and such.

  • In the System Tray, right-click on the Autodesk Desktop App icon
  • Select Open

  • Log in if needed
    • This login must be tied to your (or your firm's) Autodesk account
  • Narrow your search to installed apps per the icons on the left
  • Select an item to update via the "Update" buttons

Follow these steps to see if you graphics card is tested by Autodesk:
  • In Revit, Application Menu --> Options
  • Select the Graphics tab
  • Review the information in the upper right
  • Click the link see supported hardware on Autodesk's website

  • On the Autodesk website, select Graphics Hardware and pick a appropriate options.

  •  After clicking Find, you are presented with options similar to those shown below.
  • Clicking the card name will allow you to download the recommend driver.

  • Sometimes I will just go directly to the NVIDIA website and download the latest driver for my card. If I have issues I will follow the above steps and roll back to an approved driver.

If you continue to experience crashing or performance issues, try turning Use Hardware Acceleration off in the Options dialog (see image above). Then restart Revit and see if that helps. In general, it is best to have this on as it provides Revit direct access to the built-in performance features on the graphics card.

Speaking of graphics cards, notice the previous image lists an NVIDIA P5000? My use of the P5000 for Virtual Reality is discussed in a customer success story by NVIDIA. Read about it here: