Friday, January 11, 2019

The Case of the Missing Section in Plan View

There are many ways in which a section may not appear in a plan view while working in Autodesk Revit. This post will cover a few of the basics...

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Of course the first thing to check it the Visibility/Graphics Overrides dialog for the plan view to make sure Sections to checked on the Annotate tab. While there you can also take a look at the Filters tab to make sure nothing is hiding the Sections there.

Here is a quick run down on the several fundamental Revit features that control Section visibility in a given plan view.

View Scale

In the section view itself, be sure the Hide at scales courser than parameter is not higher than the plan view scale or the section will not appear. This feature is meant to easily hide certain sections in overall plan views for larger building footprints.


If the phases don't match, the section will not appear. This makes a lot more sense when you think of a large project with many phases... you don't want sections for Phase 6 showing up in Phase 2 plan views.


If the disciplines don't match, the section will not appear. You don't want the architects sections showing up in the structural plans and visa versa.

Crop Region and Scope Box

If the section is outside of the crop region or scope box for that plan view, the section will not show up.

There are probably a dozen other reasons a section will be hidden, missing or not visible in a given view. But, understanding these basic reasons will help solve many problems.

Feel free to share other reasons Sections don't show up to help anyone who many need help and find their way to this post!

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