Friday, December 21, 2018

Creating a New Revit Central File - Two Ways with Different Results

There are two ways to create a new central file, from an existing central file, but the results are slightly different. Knowing the difference can same time and frustration.

Read on to learn more...

Save As Method

The first method is via Save As while you are already in a local/central file. Per the image above, while in the Save As dialog you click the Options dialog and check the Make this a central model after save. The newly saved file is now a central file that you are in... you should now close the file and open again to create a new local file.

The main catch with this method is the various borrowed elements are preserved for all users. This is good if your firm intentionally checks out worksets to prevent things like grids or links from being modified. But, in many cases the fact that things are still checked out to people is unexpected.

Detach from Central Method

The second method is to check Detach from central in the Open dialog, which means the file is currently not open. The result is a new central file that you are in, but is currently not saved to any drive. This file has had all workset and element rights reset.

Side note: During this process you are asked if worksets should be preserved as shown in the next image. Always preserve worksets (i.e. choose the top option) unless you have a good reason not to. You stand a good chance of messing up the visual fidelity of views that have element visibility controlled by worksets. This is a good reason to avoid using worksets to control visibility; read my "two cents" on that here: Avoid Using Worksets to Control Visibility.

When you save the file over the original one using this method you get the following warning. In most cases this is fine, especially if replacing a correct central file with a good local file.

Now I will show an example of elements/worksets checked out by another user before and after the Save As method. In this next image someone on the project has this door checked out.

After using the Save As method, and now in the new central file, the door is still checked out.

But, using the Detach from central method, the door is not checked out...

The more you know... thanks for reading.

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