Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Drop-down menus are missing in Revit 2018

There are still a number to issues in Revit 2019 related to 4k monitors and Windows DPI scaling. I still recommend you stay way from 4k monitors. I recently got a new laptop and ran into an issue... due to a specific combination of hardware, all the drop-down menus in Revit's properties palette do not work as shown in the first image below.

Read on for the unfortunate workaround....
When you click on the drop-down value or down-arrow you can either start typing the value you want (if you know it) as shown in the next two images... or, you can use the up and down arrow keys to step through the options.

My old laptop has a 4k monitor, which I would leave open next to two external 4k 24" monitors. The problem described above happens when the new laptop's non-4k monitor is running alongside the two exterior 4k monitors. Just like the original configuration, the each screen had is's own recommended resolution and dpi settings. The only way to get my drop-down menus working is to run with the laptop lid closed... which is really unfortunate.

So, again, stay way from 4k monitors. There are so many apps, including Revit add-ins, that do not play nicely with them. Or at least do some testing with one or two users first. Oh, and changing the DPI scaling to 100% is not even an option, so please stop suggesting that 'software support' folks:) My eyes are not that good.

Here is an Autodesk Knowledge Network post on this topic:
Drop-down menus are missing when multiple monitors are not using the same custom display setting (Windows 10 only) in Revit

Update: This is not a problem in Revit 2019, just 2018 a previous.

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  1. Hi Dan,
    This is about Revit 2018 or 2019?

  2. It works ok in 2019, this is a problem in 2018 and previous.