Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Phase Filters and Linked Model Visibility

This has baffled me for years, that Phase Filters must exist in both the host model and linked models or you can run into visibility issues. A Phase Filter is associated with a specific view, so how can one in a lined model have any impact on the host? Well, it does and has been an issue for years.

Here is a recent example I ran into...

In the following image, notice the view is set to New Constriction. The column pointed our should not be showing up as it is set to be demolished in the New Construction phase (as shown in the next image).

In the following image, the column is selected. FYI: I used the tab key to help selected an element within a linked model. Notice it is Existing and set to be demolished.

The problem is the architecture model did not have LHB-CD and/or the structural model did not have Show Complete. We created LHB-CD in the architectural model and then the column disappeared. Both models need to have the same Phase Filters or you will run into problems.

Generally speaking, it is probably best not to delete or create new Phase Filters... just use the ones that are there. At least, don't create new ones that already exist with the same settings.

There is a workaround, but this is a band-aid in that it is a view specific/view template fix and the problem could pop up again later in the project. Notice in Revit links, that the Phase Filter should be tied to the 'host view' setting, which is Show Complete, not None. This is a bug in my opinion.

If we switch to Custom, we can select one of the Phase Filters from the linked model... assuming you know the changed naming convention you can pick one and the host view will look correct.

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