Thursday, April 18, 2019

Two Revit 2020 Hotfixes

Many firms wait until the first major Update (e.g. 2020.1) or 3-6 months before deploying a new version of Revit into production; that is what I do. For those that have, or want to, jump right in there are two hotfixes you should probably install. One addresses an issue where Revit starts in Viewer Mode and the other has to do with Autodesk 2020 products, in general, not playing well with systems set to hibernate or go to sleep. BTW, hopefully hibernate/sleep mode are common. On a related note, LHB participated in a plug load study that resulted in the following report and info-graph:

Keep reading to learn more about the hotfixes...

Revit 2020.0.1 Viewer Mode Hotfix Release Notes:

  • This hotfix can be installed from the Autodesk Desktop App as shown in the image below.

Posted "Issue" from this link:
This hotfix addresses a customer reported issue in which Revit sessions run in Viewer Mode unexpectedly, without displaying the Viewer Mode dialog to warn users that Revit functionality is restricted in this mode. These restrictions include: save or save as in all cases, exporting or publishing modified projects, exporting or publishing any projects to a format containing model data that can be modified, and printing projects after changes are made.

Hybrid Sleep or Hibernate power settings impact on Autodesk 2020 product licensing:
  • This hotfix is a separate download and a manual "install" process; i.e. you need to download a ZIP, extract the EXE out of it and then run it.

Posted "Issue" from this link:
Autodesk 2020 version software can exhibit below listed issues on Windows systems that wake up from Hibernate mode or have Hybrid Sleep enabled. 
  • Multiple Autodesk processes (AdskLicensingAgent) showing up in Task Manager, which do not go away even when the product is quit.
  • In case of network licensing, the additional process may keep consuming the seat from the license server even after product is closed in such situation. 
  • When viewing Licensing Manager, the user may see several copies of their active license
  • The product forcing the user to save their work and quit the product
  • In rare circumstances, the application completely hangs
Not sure what "Viewer Mode" is? Read this: Free Revit Viewer - It's Called Revit

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