Wednesday, September 18, 2019

NDSU 2nd Yr Arch visits LHB

Last week LHB hosted 60 second-year architecture students from North Dakota State University (NDSU), again...

Today's post recaps this super fun activity!

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The purpose of this visit is to expose students to an architecture firm, including the office environment and details about what it is they do. The students traveled about 3.5 hours to visit LHB's LEED platinum Minneapolis office, which is also home to the Minnesota USGBC staff through donated space (LHB is a USGBC Diamond sponsor).

Most of the LHB staff involved are NDSU alumni or an adjunct (me). Some are also active on the architecture program's advisory committee.


Given the large group, this two hour event needed planning... the Integrative Design Team (IDT) leader, Mike Fisher, did just that. We had a couple meetings in the weeks leading up to this day, and as pictured below, we met just before the students arrived to make sure everyone knew what they were doing and where to be!

And, leveraging his architect skills, Mike even mapped everything out!


The students arrived Friday afternoon at 3:30pm... to water and cookies...

The newest NDSU grad, she just graduated earlier this year, who works at LHB... Rachel Marsh in the foreground:)

Mike does a brief introduction about LHB and letting the students know what to expect...

Small Group Presentations

The student body is divided into four groups... here is one group heading into the VR lounge (guess who will be presenting on this:)).

Station 3: Tools of Design
As an architect and Design Technology Manager, I talked to each group about tools LHB uses in the design process. This included the fact that ALL projects are done in Revit, including all disciplines (related to building design). I also demonstrated our use of VR in the design process, as well as the Microsoft HoloLens (AR).

BTW, they were surprised when I told them "I teach architecture students at NDSU" in my introduction:)

Station 1: Performance Based Design
In our large conference room(s) Bailey Hanson and Kevin Holm talked about our philosophy around designing high performance buildings. Partially to highlight our use of technology, Kevin was located in our Duluth office (150 miles away) and presented via our video conference system.

Station 2: Communicating Design Part I
David Booth and Rachel Marsh talked about tools and techniques used to convey design intent to clients.

Station 4: Communicating Design Part II
Karin Stuber, Brad Wicks and current NDSU student/LHB intern Anna Danielson presented on the deliverables related to the construction documents (CDs) phase, which included a large set of drawings and project manual. Again, highlighting our use of technology, Anna was presenting remotely from school, in Fargo, ND at NDSU (where she continues to work part-time for LHB).

Closing Comments

After everyone cycled through each station, they all gathered again for some closing comments from Mike...

LHB's office is in a building that used to make Cheese-it crackers... and like LHB, they chose this same building because of the massive amount of windows. They even made their packaging look like the factory... clearly the use of daylight in any sort of manufacturing was not that common back then!

All-in-all it was a great time, and I think the students all really enjoyed themselves. I am impressed in LHB's commitment to this event... as they clearly had a financially committeemen in this in terms of staff time. But this is another example of the architecture communicate giving back!!!

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