Monday, September 14, 2020

Animate Time of Day from a Single Location in Enscape

Creating a video in Escape is very easy. But, as with any sophisticated program, there are a few tricks you might not be aware of that can make your presentations even better. Today, I will share the steps required to animate the time of day from a single location.

For more on creating videos with Enscape, see my blog post on their website: A Guide to Video Creation in Enscape. The following image is from that article.

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To create a video where the time of day is animated but the camera does not move, simple create two keyframes on top of each other. Here are the steps required...

Find the desired view and then toggle on the video editor.

Click to add a keyframe, twice (#1 & #2). This just created two keyframes on top of each other.

Click on the keyframe to enter the keyframe editor (#3).

Notice the red arrow... (2/2) means you are editing the second keyframe.

Now, select the ending time (#4) and duration (#5) of the video (remember, this is for keyframe #2). Click Apply (#7)

For keyframe #1 set the start time (#8), click Apply (#9) and then click Back (#10) to get out of the keyframe editor.

To preview the results before taking the time to render the video, click Preview (#11).

If the preview looks good, render the video. Remember, the quality is set within the Visual Settings dialog, on the Capture tab. Note that 4k take a lot longer than HD, so only use that is needed.

Here is the final result:

Note that the wind was set to 0 to prevent the vegetation from moving in the animation. For some reason, the result is not so good, at the moment, when the camera is not moving in an animation.

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