Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Over 450 of My Closest Friends; ArchVision Webinar a Success!

The ArchVision webinar "Revit Rendering Workflows" I presented today was a success! Over 700 people signed up with just over 450 logging in for the live presentation.

Five lucky attendees won a copy of my new Interior Design Using Autodesk Revit 2018 textbook.

The presentation was recorded... I will update this post with a link when it is ready.

Below are a few images showing the new ArchVision RPC office clutter content. Notice the Revit textbook on display as well! click to enlarge images

Simply drag and drop the clutter content from ArchVision Dashboard into a Revit view.

Some of the clutter has super-convenient type properties... like this picture frame where we can change the image and the material of frame! Duplicate the type for variety. BTW, this is my son!

Here are the Revit properties for the picture frame.

One more quick clutter example... go from a single book laying flat to five vertical books with randomized color and size!

Properties for the book RPC.

Finally, I also showed some custom RPC content.

Some are 2D, created in Dashboard. The cool thing about these elements is they always face the camera!

The 3D content is from scans done at the Mall of America in the Me3D store (owned by CAD Technology Center). Randall, from ArchVision, used his new RPC Creator tool to create one of them. The others were created by CTC. Thanks guys! I am an RPC:)

The image below shows all the custom content in Enscape as well as Phil Read's neon light sign (time-of-day set to 1 am in this view). Also, the track lighting is a Revit railing with each light a "railing support" This allows each light to be un-pinned and moved along the track! Oh, this image also has my friend Jon Rose in it and two Turkish exchange students who went to the MOA with us.

Here is a short video from the Revit environment showing my RPC in hidden/shaded/realistic mode.

So much more to say, but not enough time... you will have to watch the recording.