Saturday, April 7, 2018

Autodesk Industry Collection Concurrent Usage Policy Limitation Removed

The new Autodesk collections had a strange limitation that only allowed two products in a collection to be used at a single time by the SAME user on the SAME computer. Thus, I could not have AutoCAD, Revit and Navisworks open at the same time on my computer and still be in compliance. It sounds like this was technically possible, but in violation of the contract - but I am not sure.

Another thing that was changed is license borrowing for products within collections. In conflict with he previous "you can only use two at a time" limitation, you currently need to borrow two licenses to use two products (within collections) away from the office. This has been changed, but requires a new 2019 network license be downloaded. Seeing as not all 2019 products have been released yet, we will have to wait for this change to be implemented.

These are both good changes, thanks Autodesk.

The only other issue I wish would change is that when a person with a "Suites" license (i.e. on maintenance) opens Revit or Civil 3D, they will first pull a Collections license if one is available. Thus, tying up certain products like Navisworks, Infraworks, Robot, Vehicle Tracking, etc. There are ways of limiting who can access network license but that is also a big hassle.

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