Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Easy Metric Conversion in Revit

If you work in Imperial units, i.e. feet and inches, here is a quick tip metric conversion tip for you.

The inspiration for this post can from the amazing Lynn Allen, who recently posted this video on Easy Metric Conversions with the AutoCAD Quick Calculator.

Here is how its done in Revit...

Just type it in!

Anywhere you can enter a length, you can add m or mm as a suffix and Revit knows to convert that value (meters or millimeters). The result is a hard conversion, and there is no memory of the metric value having been entered.

This comes in handy when creating a family from a European or Canadian product and the cut sheet is all in metric.

BTW, the same thing works in metric projects... you can enter the value like this...
But you must enter the foot and inch symbol. Normally, in an Imperial-based template we don't need to enter them, we can just type: 10 4

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