Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Revit Sheet Index with Multiple Bid Packs

Here is a way to create a sheet index using shared parameter to track multiple bid packs (BP), where a single sheet can have various significance in each BP.

Read on to learn more...

First, I am sorry for the typos in this post, but I don't get paid enough to go all the way back to the start and redo all the images:) I am sure you understand.

Create the Shared Parameters... one for each bid pack. They need to be shared if you want to add this info to the titleblock. I added a tooltip to help users know what the standard input should be.

Create a Project Parameter using the new Shared Parameters, be sure to assign them to the Sheets category.

Optional: add Conditional Formatting to highlight every other column. Notice, I also manually shaded one of the title rows, and inserted a title row to add a note/legend about what the input means.

Here is the result on the sheet!

When a sheet is selected in the Project Browser, or just opened, you see the new parameters in properties as well.

Do you have another clever way to manage this on a large project... share in the comments below.

Update: Need to share these parameters with another firm, read this post: Sharing Revit Shared Project Parameters.

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  1. This is sometimes also referred to as a historic revision schedule.

    There's a popular Revit Idea to automate this process and link it to the revisions: https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/revit-ideas/historic-revision-schedule/idi-p/6326483

  2. Thanks, Pieter! I voted. You are the master of "Revit Ideas" :)

    1. Funny I was about the reply the exact same thing. Pieter knows more about revit ideas than autodesk itself

  3. If you’d like to automate this and pull the revision number you can Dynamo it...


    hope that’s of interest,


  4. Dan,
    Good stuff! I wrote about something similar in this post:
    I used a room schedule as an example but I've also adapted this for sheet indices as well.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Michael! Great minds think alike. haha

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