Friday, June 7, 2019

Revit Schedules and Itemize Every Instance

In Revit schedules, the 'schedule properties' option Itemize Every Instance can be used to quickly enter the same data in every element listed. For example, let's look at the cost estimating schedule I wrote about here: Cost Estimating Directly in Revit... what if we wanted to update the Tax Rate to be the same, and not blank, value for every instance? Here's how...

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The image above shows how the schedule is currently sorted. When Itemize Every Instance is unchecked, things are collapsed/grouped according to the sorting options selected above. Thus, a quick way to edit every element is to turn off all sorting. The result is shown below, which is a single row where blanks cells have multiple and/or blank values.

Now, simply click in the single cell for Tax Rate and enter a value. This value is instantly applied to every element scheduled. When a cell has a value in this version/state of the schedule, it means every instance has the same value.

Set the Sorting/Grouping back to its original settings and notice the Tax Rate is updated for every element.

In this example, it might be helpful to create a special "coordination" schedule which lists constant values you wish to track, perhaps Labor Rate is also another example. Making changes like this on an "official" schedule runs the risk of forgetting to set it back to its original formatting and messing up the printed drawings; actually, this could happen if someone else prints while you are working in this modified state.

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  1. Dan, The combination of Dynamo scripts with the schedules give a practice the ability to save defaults to a script and then at intervals, run the script and reset the standards. Clearly if the project settings need to be retained, don't run the script. Or, re-load from the Office Default Template. I have used the instances all the time, to save time. Thanks

  2. I highly recommend that before you do this to a schedule that you duplicate it. Then regardless with what you do with the duplicated schedule's fields, the formatting, look and feel of the sheeted schedule will remain in perfect order.


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