Wednesday, July 14, 2021

My New Enscape Blog Post on NVIDIA DLSS Support!

Exciting news... Enscape is just about to release version 3.1 which will include support for NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). I worked with Enscape to write a post, for their blog, about what this means and detail some of the user benefits.

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You will have to read the full article, linked below, to get all the details... but, in a nutshell, the benefit is improved performance when moving around (on-screen and in VR mainly). This is because Enscape only renders a fraction of the pixels, while the hardware-accelerated DLSS, running on the AI-based NVIDIA RTX™ Tensor cores, upscales the image in real-time.

The image above was rendered in Enscape 3.1 (click to enlarge). It is the new courtyard, converted from an enclosed single-story parking garage, which is part of our Lake|Flato office remodel currently in progress here in San Antonio, Texas. For an interesting article on this project, be sure to check out: L|F SAN ANTONIO OFFICE GOES ZERO CARBON WITH BIG SUN SOLAR. FYI: the pictured roof with, PV panels, is the existing garage, and where the new courtyard will be!!!

This still render also benefits from the ray-traced sunlight shadows, added in the 3.1 update (also discussed in the post).

Link to the Enscape blog post:

Fun stuff, for sure!

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