Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Revit 2023 - Check Out My New AECbytes What's New in Revit Article

My annual "What's New" article for Revit 2023 is out! Head over to the AECbytes site to read about the great new features and enhancements added this year. There is a lot to cover... 3k words, across 30 pages!

This post provides a link to the article and my top 5 new features.

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My top Five New Features:

  • Duplicate Material and Assets
  • Cloud path to material textures and decals
  • Energy Analysis Model (EAM) creation enhancements
  • Performance enhancements
  • Page Order for Printing

Read the full AECbytes article here:

Teaser Images:
  • IFC fans unite... Revit 2023 has IFC mapping parameters EVERYWHERE!

  • The much anticipated new branding people have been talking about on social media...

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