Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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In April we will be giving a live presentation on how to build a climate-minded architectural practice. This session is based on the AIA Climate Action Business Playbook the AIAU instructors for this session were commissioned by the AIA to write.

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This course will be presented live, is worth 1 HSW learning unit, and will be available in the AIAU course catalog.

What does climate action have to do with your architecture practice? 

The built environment is experiencing the cascading impacts of climate change, from every person, project, and client. Join us for an upcoming webinar to learn how your firm can respond. Hear from sustainability and climate professionals in the industry as they take us through AIA's Climate Action Business Playbook and its strategies for transforming practice and integrating climate action into the design process.


The six instructors for this session are the authors, commissioned by the AIA, of the AIA Climate Action Business Playbook. (click to enlarge image)

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The Climate Action Business Playbook is for building an architectural practice that embraces climate change mitigation and adaptation. With best practices and recommendations from sustainability professionals, this resource is key to furthering your firm's journey to integrating climate action and sustainable design. Learn more > 

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