Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Early Energy Modeling Presentation at UTSA - School of Architecture

Yesterday I presented in-person to architecture students at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). This was an excellent opportunity to share what we are doing at Lake|Flato with a local architecture program.

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Climate Action Strategies Series

Since this program is in downtown San Antonio, fairly close to our office, we are offering a short "climate action strategies" series of lectures.

Early Energy Modeling

I was a guest lecturer in ARC 5733 Advanced Building Technology and Sustainability class taught by professor Maryam Singery PhD, Assoc. AIA, Assoc. Prof. of Practice of Architecture.

The presentation mainly offered a high-level overview of the Revit + Insight workflow for early energy optimization by Autodesk. I briefly mentioned a few other tools and encouraged the use of any tool to start asking questions and challenge assumptions around design decisions. The presentation went well, I think, with lots of good questions.

Here are just two of the several slides I shared, in addition to doing a quick 8-story building massing mockup and running a simulation.

This information is similar to what I offer my graduate architecture students at NDSU, for example: NDSU - First Week of School - Fall 2019.

Fun stuff!