Saturday, March 11, 2023

New Enscape Blog Post: How to Use VR in Enscape for Project Presentations

I just updated -- or, totally rewrote -- my VR post over on the Enscape blog. It describes how we use VR at Lake|Flato to wirelessly deliver high-quality, full VR, Enscape experiences!

In today's BIM Chapters post, I share a few photos and a link to that post here.

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In our newly remodeled office, we have three semi-dedicated VR spaces... "semi" because they can be used for other meetings or collaboration if no one needs them for VR.

The high-powered computer and stored VR gear are tucked away in a base cabinet that has a conduit in the wall to run wires to the large display above. 

Notice, in the photo above, a dedicated wireless router eliminates the need for a cumbersome cable between the computer and HMD. This wireless method is the only way we have done VR for two years now, and staff can even bring it "on the road" to clients because it is easy to deploy.

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A special shoutout to my colleagues Bylasan Shalabi and Scott Needham for allowing me to share these pics with the world:)

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