Friday, March 3, 2023

Recap of Advancing Computational Building Design 2023 in Chicago

Last week I had the opportunity to attend and present at Advancing Computational Building Design 2023 in Chicago. This post offers a high-level overview of the event as well as the two sessions I participated in... one of which included two colleagues from Lake|Flato.

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ACBD is an annual event, with this being the 3rd one I have attended (one virtual and two in-person). For the previous event, I was the chair of the pre-conference day. This year, the chair of the main event was Leland Curtis (pictured below) from CRB, who did a fantastic job keeping things moving and on schedule!

The great thing about this conference is its focus and smaller size. There is an opportunity to network with nearly everyone, including the speakers. Also, this event only has a single stream, so everyone attends the same sessions.

The crew from Hanson Wade, the event organizers, did another great job. Pictured with me below is Ioana Gopsa, who, along with her colleagues, did a ton of work before and during the event to make it happen.

Lake|Flato Session

We did a session titled Case Study: Leveraging Parametric Design Opportunities to Get Your Designs to the Next Level. We highlighted two projects with complex geometry, sharing our process and the external partners we engaged with to achieve incredible results in the field.

  • Confluence Park  (completed project)
  • Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza (in construction)

Speakers (pictured below):
  • Sunnie Diaz, Project Architect, Lake|Flato Architects
  • Sean O’Brien, Project Designer, Lake|Flato Architects
  • Daniel Stine, Design Technology Director, Lake|Flato Architects

One of those partners was Zahner, also presenting at the conference. Pictured below, with Sunnie and Sean, is Nathan Barnes from Zaner (who had a hand on the development of our project).

A view from the stage!

Sunnie and Sean presenting!

Here are a few slides from our presentation (click to enlarge).

Presentation team celebration dinner (at Girl and a Goat)!

Panel Session

Right after our LF session, I was the moderator for a fantastic panel session titled Identifying & Developing the Skill Sets Required Within Your Team to Capitalize on the Opportunities of Computational Design.

  • Sean Page, Partner, Computational Designer & Architect, RDG Planning & Design
  • Jacqueline Warner, Principal, Pfluger Architects
  • Michael Zabritski, Practice Technology Director, Boulder Associates
  • Elliot Glassman, Computational Design Senior Associate, Senior Technical Principal & Leader, WSP Group
  • Daniel Stine, Design Technology Director, Lake|Flato Architects

Other Photos

I took lots of photos. Here are just a few to round out the essence of the event!

Alexis Santella, Deployment Specialist, Buro Happold

Some other great panels...

Rebecca Birmingham, Ventures, IP & Digital Counsel
A great presentation from one of Arup's in-house attorneys!

And, last but not least... Zak Kostura, Associate Principal | Advanced Digital Engineering Leader for the Americas, Arup. Zack is also the person presenting in the first picture in this post:)

Update: Here are a couple great photos from Ioana at Hanson Wade!

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