Friday, March 24, 2017

BILT 2017 Speaking Engagements

This year I will be speaking at two of the four BILT (formerly RTC) conferences--one in Toronto, Canada and another in Aarhus, Denmark.

Here is what I will be presenting:

BILT-NA, Toronto, Canada (August 3-5, 2017)
  • What's New in Revit 2018
    This is a panel-type presentation with Clay Hickling (BILT-ANZ Committee) and Stephen Taskin (Woods Bagot). We will be highlighting all the new features in Revit 2018; published and unpublished! Big shoes to fill here as Steve Stafford has typically done this one at RTC-NA.
    • Speaking of new 2018 features, I will be writing about my recent week-long trip to Autodesk's Shanghai, China R&D offices to learn about and test 2018 (and beyond) new features!
  • Luminaire Families for Experts
    In this lecture I will be covering detailed tips and tricks to get the most of your light fixture content in Revit and beyond. Following these steps will result in better renderings, VR experiences, and lighting analysis when using ElumTools. I have some experience presenting on this topic; LinkedIn post on past training for ElumTools.
  • (wait listed) Energy Analysis with Revit and Insight 360
    This is based on my top-rated session at last year's RTC-NA in Arizona. This class will become real if any speakers drop out. Not hoping people drop out, but more people need to hear about what Insight 360 has to offer our industry... I describe it as the most democratize early-stage energy modeling tool on the market.

BILT-EUR, Aarhus, Denmark (October 5-7)
  • New Revit 2018 Feature
    This presentation is based on some new features I cannot mention yet at Revit 2018 has not been officially released. This is on two specific features and not the same big-picture overview mentioned above.
  • (wait listed) Luminaire Families for Experts
    This class will become real if any speakers drop out. This is the same presentation mentioned above for BILT-NA.

Like several other attendees, e.g. Mackey's, I have been able to bring my family to several past RTC conferences - and plan to do the same this year! For anyone thinking about this, here is a guest post I wrote for the RTC blog a while back; RTC Family Vacation – An Attendee’s Letter.

Hope to see you there!