Thursday, March 30, 2017

CTC Express Tools: Revit Properties (Free)

When you install CTCs BIM Project Suite you get several tools, some free, that work within Revit. There is also a super nice tool which works outside of Revit; CTC Revit File Properties.

Right-click on any Revit file in Windows Explorer and you see the Revit Properties option in the menu.

Selecting this command opens this dialog:

Pretty self explanatory... but notice this example is not a central file, worksharing is not enabled, I can open it and also copy this information or the preview image to the Clipboard.

Ok, your wondering "what if I have different versions of Revit installed or the Reivt file is an old version I don't have installed?". As in the previous image, the correct Revit version is automatically selected. In the image below, I don't have Revit 2011 installed so I can pick which version to use - and thus will expect an upgrade.

In the example below, the file in question is a Central file. So what happens if I open it from here... does it open the central file? Maybe.

You decide; but the default is "Create New Local".

Worth every penny;) Enjoy.

One warning: If you have increased Windows DPI scaling, maybe you have a 4k monitor, then this dialog does not yet resize, so it will be hard to read. I assume this will be fixed in a future update.