Sunday, March 26, 2017

Even Homer Nods; SDC Publications Book Errata

When dealing with the printed word there are bound to be mistakes... on a similar note, I have never seen a perfect set of construction (tender) documents even when BIM is at its core:) The post title alludes to the ancient Greek poet Homer, author of Iliad and Odyssey, who is said to have made mistakes despite his recognized abilities; thus, the saying "even Homer nods" (click for Oxford def).

I would like to highlight how SDC Publications ( deals with mistakes, aka Errata, that occur in their books. Note that some of these issues are made by the authors while others are due to software updates or changes to websites. The most recent problem I had to deal with is the sudden disappearance of Autodesk Seek. See my LinkedIn post for more on this; RIP Autodesk Seek.

Per the series of screen shots below, SDC Publications maintains an Errata page for each book. If you are using one of their books you should check out the Errata page for any updates to make sure you get the most out of the book!

In the last image, notice there is a place to Submit Errata you find. I must say, I am very grateful to everyone who takes the time to do this. Personally, I take a lot of care in making sure those corrections are added to the next update.

Speaking of mistakes, I have to thank the editors at SDC Publications for reducing the number of mistakes in my books!!!

I plan to use this blog to highlight errata as they come up and provide a link to the official errata page. So stay tuned... those posts are inevitable because I am far from being a great literary author.