Friday, August 18, 2017

BILT Asia 2018; Abstract Submission Deadline Extended

Calling all speakers, and would-be-speakers! RTC Events chairman, Wesley Benn, just announced the abstract submission window has been extended for BILT-Asia 2018.

If you have never been to Singapore, you should definitely consider this conference. If you speak English and are wondering about what language the conference is in, it is all in English. Additionally, the official language in Singapore is also English. So if you only speak English, like me, you can put that question to rest.


The conference is at the Marina Bay Sands, which is the most amazing, coolest, stunning place my family has ever stayed. If you do end up going, and bring your family, you should look into the "online only" family room package.

Singapore also has some amazing architecture and a beautiful zoo. It is one of only two cities in the world with an undisturbed section of rain forest within its city limits. Oh, and it has the steepest and longest zip-line in Asia and a Universal Studios theme-park!

White Tiger at Singapore Zoo
Click here to start the submission process: Submit an Abstract

For more about the conference venue, schedule and pricing... click here (for recent 2017 event).

I wrote about my trip to Singapore in a LinkedIn article: RTC-Asia 2015 in Singapore

This trip is worth skipping one, or all, of your "usual" conferences. If you recently attended BILT in Toronto you likely paid $400-500 for airfare. I just checked, and Delta would be a little more than twice that... so maybe your employer pays what they paid this year, and you make up the difference! BTW, if you get selected to speak, the conference is about half price for speakers. So the difference may be zero! And your firm can start calling you an international speaker!!!

Think about it.

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