Thursday, August 10, 2017

Existing Phase Tag Options in Revit

Many firms prefer to graphically distinguish the tags for existing and new elements. Using an MEP example, consider the following options.
FYI: An application for all Revit users is the relationship between Halftone/Underlay and Printing color (Black Lines, Grayscale & Color). Learn how to print something grayscale even when "black lines" is selected for printing.

Change Tag Text Color
If you want the tags for existing elements to be gray, changing the text color will work, but creates some challenges. The main challenge is, when printing you need to set the color option to Grayscale.  However, with this setting your colored duct and pipe will not print black. So you have to turn the system/filter colors off before printing; not really a good option.

Text color changed in tag family
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Change Tag Appearance (prefix or boxed)
Making the tag for existing elements graphically different is the easiest solution. Adding a box around the text or a prefix such as “EX” would allow the contractor to discern the difference between new and existing. In this case, the tag would be black like the other tags.

Prefix added in tag family

Adding a prefix in a tag label
Tag override to Halftone
This option involves using a “normal” tag and overriding it “by element” each time one is placed. The override is to simply check the Halftone option as shown in the first image below. With this method you can select the Black Lines option when printing. Everything prints black EXCEPT Arch/Struct elements (when view Discipline is set to one of the MEP options) AND any elements set to Halftone. In this case, all the colored ductwork prints black, but the background and existing tags still print gray. FYI: The Phase settings will override the Duct System color settings as shown in the last two images.

Graphic override by element

Color options when printing

This concept for tags applies to any discipline. If you deal with this in a different way please comment below and share!

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