Tuesday, August 8, 2017

MEP Project Setup 02

Building on the previous post, MEP Project Setup 01, here are a few more items to consider when setting up an MEP project in Revit.

Verify Levels

  • Similar to Phases, it is best to have a level in the MEP model for each level in the architectural model.
  • Copy/Monitor and/or Monitor each Level
    • If you already have a Level in your MEP model, you just need to Monitor the architectural Level. You DO NOT want to create multiple Levels on top of each other.
    • If Arch has more Levels than your template, use Copy/Monitor to create new Levels in your model.
    • Delete any extra Levels, not needed, in your model.
Structural Grids

  • To have control over the exact placement of structural grid bubbles Copy/Monitor is used.
    • Scope Boxes can also be used; more on this in a future post.
  • Usually, the linked structural model dictates.
  • Turn off visibility of linked structural grids via View Templates.
  • If a structural grid is moved or deleted, a coordination warning is presented when the model is opened.
    • Unfortunately, Revit does not alert you if additional grids are added.

Pin Linked Models

  • Use the pin feature to prevent someone from accidentally moving or deleting a linked model.

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