Monday, October 9, 2017

Revit 2018 Family Constraints Validation

Revit 2018 has a new feature I mentioned on my "What's New in Revit 2018" article over at AECbytes, which is verification of family constraints: Constraints are now checked when opening a family.
From the Autodesk Knowledge Network:Verification of family constraints: To help ensure the reliability of families within your models, Revit now checks the status of constraints when you open a family in the Family Editor. If Revit detects potential issues, a dialog offers further information. See Constrain Family Geometry.
On a related note, below is an example message I received the other day when opening a project. This is more helpful and better than Revit just not opening a project or deleting the family instances. However, I still have a number of old projects I cannot open due to a corrupt family. Hopefully that specific problem will be sorted out in the near future.

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