Saturday, October 28, 2017

Teaching Conceptual Massing, Adaptive Space Frames and more Enscape

On Thursday I did a presentation, for graduate architecture students as NDSU,  which started from scratch and resulted in the images shown below. This involved Revit's Conceptual Mass environment, Curtain Panel Pattern Based family template and Enscape to for some instant visual gratification!

Back in 2013, Zach Kron, from Autodesk, and...
who I just saw at BILT-Eur in Denmark, created a nice video tutorial on how to create the space frame family in this YouTube video: buildz: Space Frame Quickie.

Here is an image of the individual curtain panel family:

This is the model loaded into a Revit project with a rather large wood plank floor!

And some dramatic images from Enscape.

Fun stuff.

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