Friday, October 20, 2017

Sign Up for My NVIDIA Webinar on Intensive VR Workflows - November 2017

If you are interested in learning more about practical applications of VR in the AEC market, and how the right graphic card can make the difference between success and failure, be sure to sign up for this free webinar hosted by NVIDIA. I will be presenting on the various software and project types we use for VR for internal design review, client presentations, potential-tenant engagement for developers and on-site logistics for things like ribbon cutting, ground breaking and public meeting events.

  • Title: Why High-Performance GPUs for Intensive VR Workflows
  • When: Wednesday Nov. 8, 2017 from 9:00am - 10:00am PT
  • Register: Click here to register for this free webinar hosted by NVIDIA
LHB is a 250 person multi-discipline firm that has been able to provide real added value to our clients using VR on many project types; architecture (healthcare, education, government, housing), civil (streets and bridges), pipeline (pump stations). In this presentation I will be touching on each of these... most of which are very large complex projects which require a lot of GPU power... which, of course, is the point of the webinar.

In this webinar I will also be showing examples of some pretty cool stuff we have been doing... such as multiple users in the same model, editing the model within VR, creating 3D redlines and more.

Here is the formal marketing information from the registration page...

Why High-Performance GPUs for Intensive VR Workflows

Virtual reality is becoming an integral part of architectural design in presenting a true sense of depth and space for designers and clients to explore ideas before anything is built. Delivering a seamless VR experience, as part of the design process, requires multiple graphics-intensive applications and high-performance graphics solutions to ensure a compelling presentation.

In this webinar, Dan Stine, registered architect and LHB’s BIM Administrator, discusses how to create a successful interactive 3D environment and why high-performance GPUs are essential to accelerate that workflow.

By attending this webinar, you'll learn:
  • VR applications for architectural design
  • Challenges and solutions with large multi discipline models
  • GPUs performance for VR applications
  • Multiple users in VR experience
NVIDIA experts will be online to answer questions throughout the event and there will be a special Q+A section at the end.

How VR Is Helping Revitalize Downtown Duluth

Earlier this year NVIDIA published a 'customer success story' on our use of VR. You can read more about that on their blog: How VR Is Helping Revitalize Downtown Duluth

Architect Magazine; Webinar Advertising

On a closing note, NVIDIA is doing some promotion for this webinar as they normally would. It is cool to see an image from one of our projects on the home page of Architect Magazine (AM) this week (see image below - both vertical sidebars)! In March of this year, Michael Kilkelly wrote a VR-focused article for AM in which he interviewed me; 5 Steps to Make VR a Reality in Your Practice. Anyone in our industry understands the value of being featured, quoted or advertising with this prestigious publication. So, thanks Michael and NVIDIA!!!

Fun stuff.

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