Saturday, January 20, 2018

Old Projects Come Alive in Enscape

Recently I opened a few older projects at work as a way of quickly showing how fast and powerful Enscape can be. The idea was to open the project in Revit and then open that model right away in Enscape without making any changes.

I thought I would share a few images from these two completed public buildings.

This first image is my favorite. The floor pattern looks really nice.

Again, I did not make any changes in the Revit model, so you may be able to spot a few problems. But we all know those little things can be easily corrected, so just focus on the overall aesthetic of the image... which took 10 seconds to render on-screen and less than 1-2 minutes to save a 4k version to file.

The following images pretty much speak for themselves.

Click on an image to enlarge it.

You can see the real project in this 360 degree photosphere collection: Duluth Transportation Center (DTC). FYI: Notice how this works on your computer, iPhone or Android device, even in Google Cardboard, without installing anything? Cool!

In the next image, I adjusted the Focal Length to slightly blur the buses located outside, on the street. This helps keep focus on the information desk design, but still suggests sight lines.

If interested, you can read about this project here: Duluth Transportation Center by LHB

Of course, as shown in the next image, the Enscape grass is a game changer in rendering software you don't need a special degree to use:)

The reflections in the glass is also good.

If interested, you can read about this project here: Wildwood Elementary by LHB

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