Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Twitter Sentiment Visualization; Revit and Enscape

My son told me about a Twitter-based "big data" tool he learned about in school the other day. Using Twitter's search API this tool is able to harvest tweets based on keywords, analyze it and present the results graphically.

Of course, my first instinct was to try @AutodeskRevit and @Ensacpe3D - below are a few screen captures showing my results.

Not surprisingly, Phil Read was on both ends of the pleasant/unpleasant spectrum:) Although this was the case, Phil is a great guy and as you can see the results are likely more subjective within the context of technical jargon.

Here are the first results presented when...
entering @AutodeskRevit. Click a dot to see the contents on the tweet and the breakdown of words.

This is an interesting looking graphic (Affinity tab):

A more pleasant tweet from Phil in the @Enscape3D results:)

The Tag Cloud tab results...

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