Monday, January 29, 2018

TMI Casework Revit Families Released

Quick review of some new casework content by a manufacturer we use on projects often... TMI System.

The content has several nice features built into it like filler panels and swap-able hardware. There are a few items lacking, like not being able to control the finish of the hardware and a bunch of Reference Planes that might be better set to Not a Reference. But overall it appears to be decent content.

The base cabinets are non-hosted and the wall cabinets are face based. Not much changes when Detail Level is adjusted from Course to Fine, which is generally fine with me. Various elements have Visibility Settings applied as expected.

Here is the Revit model created to review the content...

On their website they list several features built into the content, as shown in the next...
two images.

Any content test needs to go through Enscape! In this next image I changed the material of one cabinet... all the materials are Type parameters. This unique base cabinet also has different pulls selected and locks turned on.

Remember, if the materials are not selected yet, you can use Enscape's "white mode" to present your design.

You can also turn on "outlines" to highlight the edge of all elements as shown in the next iamge.

Here is Enscape's settings showing White Mode on and Outlines set to 1%.

A couple more detail images... I added the under counter lights. In addition to fillers, it would be nice if the wall cabinets had a light valance option.

An interior elevation view from Revit... dashed lines indicating door swing, and hardware replaced with symbolic lines. Also, simple dashed lines representing shelves; most cabinets have toggles for number of shelves.

Parameters, formula and filler geometry seen in the family editor...

And a few more detail shots from Enscape, because it is easy and fun.

Finally, a list of family files downloaded and a couple Type Catalogs...

Check them our for  yourself via this link:

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