Thursday, August 22, 2019

Revit 2020.1 Update Released - What's New?

The Revit 2020.1 Update has just been released. This post will cover the highlights...

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MEP Systems Analysis

The big feature in this update is the entirely new MEP systems analysis functionality with hooks into OpenStudio to allow for custom workflows, which Ian Molloy (Autodesk Revit MEP Product Manager) says:
"The customization could range from local code compliance to incorporating specific manufacturer equipment, integrating analytical to physical modeling together. "

At a high level, within Revit, this new feature allows you to define an entire system without modeling any MEP elements! This feature will be covered in more depth in a future post. See the links below to read more about this from Autodesk.

Be sure to sign up for this Sept. 11th 2019 live webinar by Autodesk: What's new in 
Revit 2020.1 for MEP

Banding in Schedules

In schedule views, clicking the new Stripe Rows toggle on the Ribbon will show shading in every other row. This does not appear to show up on sheets or print. FYI: I had a odd problem where the banding did not show up on one of my three screens (laptop + two 4k 24") and, of course, that "bad" screen was the one I had Revit open on at first. When I moved Revit to one of the other two screens, the banding appeared.

Attach Walls Dialog

The "attach walls" dialog has been modified to allow the current selection to become the default, as shown below. To change, or undo this, you will need to edit the Revit.ini file.

Path of Travel Tool Updates

The new-to-Revit-2020 Path of Travel tool has been updated. The start and end points can be dragged, causing an automatic update. The To Room and From Room parameters can appear in schedules and tags (see second image below). Finally, there is now a Reveal Obstacles toggle on the Analyze tab (see next image below).

Site Points Visible in Links

This is a great new feature... and I could use this on a current project! To help ensure linked models and the host model align, the Project Base Point and/or Survey Point from the linked models can now be seen within the host as shown in the next iamge. When the point is visible, and the link is selected, the point "lights up" and also lists is location data!

Linked Civil 3D Toposurface Bug Fix

I have not tested this yet, but 2020.1 should include a bug fix for an issue we have experience on a very large project... the release notes linked below list this one as being fixed and I was told this by someone at Autodesk. The issue is that extremely complex geometry in Civil 3D can become distorted when linked from BIM 360 directly into Revit.
FYI: It has nothing to do with Civil 3D or  it's publish toposurface (to BIM 360) functionality. 
BTW: I will be speaking on this topic at AU 2019... watch for a future post on this topic:)

My AECbytes Article on Revit 2020

Not familiar with what's new in Revit 2020 in general? Check out my artical over at AECbytes: What's New in Revit 2020?

Read the release notes linked below for all updated and bug fixes.

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  1. Hi,
    Some of us (based on the Adsk Forum) have been having a problem with our palettes not remaining docked on a 2nd monitor. I was hoping this update would fix that, but I just installed it and it didn't. Prior to 2019 this wasn't a problem for me. Every time I launched Revit they were right in the same place I had left them.
    Do you happen to know anything about this? Is it related to the Revit release or is it a bug that only some of us have? I have been asking the experts for some time now and no one seems to know. It is certainly a nuisance.

    1. Well, things certainly changes when the tabbed views were added. But I am not aware of the palette issue you mention.

    2. Thank you...I'll keep researching.

    3. @rk. When they introduced tabbed views / multiple monitor support in 2019, it really messed up a lot of things - like palette docking and view tiling (amongst others). That release in 2019 was only meant to be stage 1 of improvements. However, nothing has been done since, and nothing is in the roadmap. I would recommend logging it as a bug so that it is in the Autodesk system, otherwise it won't be fixed any time soon.

  2. Thank you for the update. Some nice features nothing I could do without though; I was hoping for a Search feature within the 'Filters' tab of the Visibility/Graphic Overrides as well as some sort of double-up recognition feature so the filters don't multiply like rabbits which happens all the time on large projects... I have seen projects with 200+ filters and browsing through the list when no naming convention has been put in place is downright murderous :-) (BIM Managers beware...)


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