Monday, November 4, 2019

Scheduling Revit Content with Images; Type versus Instance

Revit's built-in image parameters allow an image to appear in schedules, once placed on sheets. However, the type parameter, called Type Image, works in an unusual manor...

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It is easy to change the Image instance parameter... just select a family and edit the parameter as shown below. Of course, if all instances do not have the iamge, or the same image, the image will not appear in a schedule set to NOT itemize every instance as shown in the image above.

So, naturally you would want to edit the Type Image parameter so it applies to all instances. However, that parameter is grayed out in the project environment... meaning it is not editable as seen in the iamge below!

I am not really sure why that limitation exists with the Type Image parameter. The intended workflow, according to the Autodesk link at the bottom of this post, is to edit the family. There, as shown in the next iamge, we can modify the Type Image parameter (again, this is in the family editor).

Now, of course, the image can easily be scheduled by type rather than instance.

While this is not the most intuitive workflow, once you know how it works it is not too difficult.

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  1. Thanks Dan. Typically I havent used images in schedules because of the performance issues, leaving the image in the Element Data sheet outside of Revit. The URL link connects the documents to the Family/Type. But you lose the visual connection in absence of the plan/3d view, which is counter to better practice.

  2. I have found that sometimes even if the type image is set in the family (use it for Air Terminals schedule) that the image isn't displayed in the schedule. Having to modify the family is quite the pain when it is not working. If the image is loaded into the project before the family is loaded, it usually works as intended.

  3. Very cool, great info to have access to! Thanks Dan!

  4. A type image parameter can be created as a project parameter that does not require having to edit the family. Another interesting thing to note is that with the built-in type image parameter, if you edit the family and don't even edit the type image parameter, when reloading into the project you must still choose the bottom option to 'overwrite parameters' otherwise the type image parameter will be set to none.

    We use images extensively in schedules for symbol legends (engineering).

    See this post if you are interested in using images with type catalogs in another not-so-intuitive way:


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