Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Inside the Factory Sessions - A New Video Series by Autodesk

Autodesk has started an interesting new video series looking under-the-hood and behind-the-scenes at their flagship architectural design product, Revit. This appears to be, in part, a response to an open letter to Autodesk, co-signed by several architecture firms in the UK, voicing their concerns about  rising costs and slowed architecture-specific tool development.

In this first episode they jump right into the deep end and talk about multi-threading, hardware, and performance in general!
"we want your models" for performance testing; Sasha Crotty, Sr. Product Manager, Revit Platform & Services at Autodesk

"for us, feedback is a gift" Harlan Brumm, Senior Product Manager - Architecture at Autodesk

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The first episode was MC'ed by Aaron Vorwerk, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Buildings at Autodesk.

I know Harlan, Sasha, and Aaron pretty well... but I did not know Sasha has a background in both Architecture and Computer Science and was a developer within the Revit Structure team for a number of years. It is impressive that someone in that level of management has training and experience in both the discipline and the code, and has an MBA to boot!

Speaking of knowing Harlan and Sasha, here is a photo of a group of Revit power-user, aka "the usual suspects," having breakfast together at Autodesk University this past November (2019)!

Watch the video here:
Inside the Factory Sessions: Ep 1 -- Performance Matters

In this episode: Revit Product Managers Sasha Crotty and Harlan Brumm share thoughts on performance and testing in Revit, covering recent advancements and the roadmap for improvement with Technical Marketing Manager Aaron Vorwerk.

Topic Tracker:

05:37 — Multi-threading and parallel processing
11:43 — Optimizing Revit performance
19:45 — Recent performance upgrades
23:39 — Platform development and portfolio benefits
28:03 — Hardware, software, and testing
32:36 — Performance roadmap
35:38 — Issues with your model — send it to us!

The sessions will be hosted here,, so check back occasionally if you are interested in learning more about Revit product development and more: 

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