Friday, January 29, 2021

Revit Shared Coordinates - Working with Consultant Models

When working with Revit's shared coordinated it is helpful to understand how to work with consultant models... that is the topic of today's post. This includes the initial set up and what happens when the building needs to move on the site later on, once everything has been set up.

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This is a "part 2" post, following the post on setting up the Revit site plan in conjunction with the Civil CAD file. Check the first post out here: Revit Shared Coordinates - Civil CAD to Revit and Back.

For the full details, be sure to watch the YouTube video I created, linked below.

Basic Steps

Once the architectural model and site models have been properly set up using shared coordinates:
  • Create/open consultant model (MEP. Struct. Etc.)
  • Link in Arch model, origin to origin
    • Only move the link if it is far from the origin or off vertically
  • Acquire coordinates
That's it. Now Arch/Site can link in the consultant model using the By Shared Coordinates option.

When the Building Needs to Move

What happens after everything is set up and the building needs to move on the site. Here are the basic steps for that:
  • Open each model for that building (e.g. Arch, MEP. Struct, Etc.)
  • Move the Survey Point (clipped)
That's it. Never move any models/links manually, and never move anything manually in the Revit site model. Following this process, hosted elements, such as face-based lighting fixtures, will not lose their hosts.


Here is a short YouTube video picking up where the last video leaves off...

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