Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Callout and Reference Label

Quick post today using an image I created to help answer a question from someone in our office about Callouts and Reference Labels.

The image describes...

the fact that the "live" callout never has a Reference Label, and the "dependent" callouts (or, more accurately, callouts which 'reference other view') always display the Reference Label found in the Type Properties.

But, does the "dependent" callout use the Reference Label from it's Type Properties or the "live" callout's Type Properties? This is a trick question... they both must be the same Type. Changing one's Type, changes the other, and vise versa.

One more thing about Callouts while we are on the subject...

If you edit the location of the Callout Tag (i.e. the circle) as shown in the next image, for example...

And then you create a dependent view of that floor plan, the callouts all reset to the original default location as shown next.
This reset of graphics is a pain if you are creating an ASI, PR or CO and would like the view to look like the original. When/if the contractor see this, they might wonder is something else has changed in the drawing due to this random variation.

For those not familiar with the above abbreviations...
  • ASI = Architectural Supplemental Information (no change in cost or time, just give me this missing dimension)
  • PR = Proposal Request (question: what will the change in cost or time be?)
  • CO = Change Order (official change to cost or time in contract)
That's all for today. Thanks for reading.

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