Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Free AutoSave add-in for Revit

I was exchanging emails with Dmitry Chubrik recently, and he told me about a new Revit add-in his company BIM2B just released. It is called R AutoSave and is available for free via the Autodesk app store.

I installed on my work computer and have done a little testing. I opened a model, made a few changes and then after the specified "Autosave interval" I manually crashed Revit. When you attempt to open the same model you are prompted to use the Autosaved model or the (older) file you have selected (see image below). When I selected the "restore unsaved changes" option, all of my changes appeared!

Rather than spelling out the various options and scenarios, I will just point you to Dmitry's blog post announcing this add-in, as he gets into all of the nitty gritty. Follow this link to read more:

One more quick comment... I don't recall seeing an add-in that integrates into the Options dialog as shown below... pretty cool.

I have to do some more testing to see if I want to roll this out to staff. Losing work is never good and this tool could save a ton of time. So it is definitely worth a look, and the price is right.