Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Revit 2018.1 Update is Live

Revit 2018.1, the first round of incremental new features has now hit the streets. In the past this mid-version update what characterized as "for subscription customers only". While that is still technically true, you can't be using Revit 2018 unless you are on subscription... so everyone has access in a sense.

Check out the details on the Revit blog 

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I plan on posting some additional examples in the next few days. One of the most exciting is the ability to organize schedules in the Project Browser!!!

Simple out line of new features:

Architecture and Core
  1. Dynamo Player Inputs – support for scripts with inputs directly in the player.
  2. Schedule organization in the Project browser – one of the top idea site requests.
  3. Changes to the Graphics Hardware Certification (Hardware tab) in Options (now two tabs, Graphics and Hardware)
  4. New Content – new windows, appliances, and system furniture (cubicles) will be available for download separately on the web. 
  5. Materials API – the ability to edit and create materials via the API
  6. Quality improvements – about ~200 ish fixes and stability improvements based on customer reports

  1. Freeform Reinforcement – ability to place reinforcement in almost any kind of surface
  2. Autodesk Structural Precast Extension for Revit – Automates the Design to Fabrication workflow
  3. New content for Flat, Round, Square bars (USA, Canada, Europe, India) for bracings/railings
  4. South African Steel content (I-shapes, angles, pipes, channels.
  5. SANS 50025/BS EN10025 support


  1. Sloped Pipe in Multipoint Routing
  2. Dynamic Holes – automatically layout holes in flat sheets for fabrication
  3. Fabrication Reports and Worksheets - can modify new/existing CADmep reports in Revit
  4. API for Fabrication Centerline length
  5. API for creating a MAJ file