Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Revit 2018.1 Deployment Update

To be honest, I did not think we could update a deployment to include service packs and "dot" updates after the "merge" and "append" options were removed from the deployment wizard. I thought we could only update via the Autodesk Desktop App (which looks just like the Google Drive app in the system tray by the way) or with a script.

Turns out we can indeed update a deployment to includes service packs and updates. Once the deployment is done, simply click the Add Updates button shown in the image below. I originally thought this just opened the load Autodesk Desktop App (ADA) tool... silly me.

When you click Add Updates you see this special version of ADA for deployments.

Click the Application Manager tab to see the options related to the deployment you just created.

You can expand each item to see more about what it does... click Add to include in the deployment.

Once added, you have the option to Remove it later if desired.

One more thing... in my previous post I mentioned that a custom Revit.ini file can be incorporated into a deployment to preset various Options dialog search paths. The image below is from the Deployment Wizard and shows the section were you can import a Custom Revit.ini file into the deployment.

This is the simplified Autodesk-way to do a deployment. There are lots of other options, including a company called Pragmatic Praxis who provides a service around Autodesk deployments and their moto is "deployments that fail to suck"!

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