Monday, September 25, 2017

ElumTools Blog Post: Luminaire Family Validation Made Easy

Matt Kincaid, software developer at Lighting Analysts, Inc., makers of AGI32 and ElumTools, posted on their blog about a new luminaire validation feature in ElumTools.

In case you don't know, ElumTools (ET) is an add-in for Revit which facilitates professional lighting analysis. One of the dialog boxes available within ET is the Luminaire Manager. Here we see a listing of all the light fixture families in the current Revit project and their settings. By default, all the settings come from the Revit family. Most changes made here, such as picking a different IES file or adjusting the Light Loss values, automatically get pushed back into the family in the current project.

Calculated point-by-point illuminance results in foot candles (FC)

If a family does not have an IES file selected, or is assigned one of Revit's built-in generic light sources, this dialog will list a red warning "X" next to that fixture as shown in the first image below.

When you attempt to start an ET analysis, a warning will appear if any of these fixtures with the red warning "X" are to be included. Matt write about a new feature where we can mark a luminaire as "approved" which results in a green "X" as shown in the next iamge.

He also mentions a light fixture with proper photometery (IES file) assigned can also be marked with a green approval "X" as a way of keeping track of fixtures the designer has reviewed.

In our (LHB's) lighting fixture content, which is what is included in CTC's MEP Productivity Pack, has the Photometric Web (IES file) set to generic.ies. This forces a proper file be selected by the lighting designer. Once this is done, they can now also mark it with a green "X" as done. But, if they still may change it, maybe they have not run the calc's yet, it can remain as the "web" symbol.

Good stuff. Read Matt's post here: Luminaire Family Validation Made Easy

BTW, I have done training webinars on ElumTools for lighting designers... click here to find out more.

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