Saturday, September 30, 2017


Tomorrow I leave for Denmark to speak at the BILT-EUR conference in Aarhus. Jumping on the bandwagon, based on what transpired at BILT-NA in Toronto this past July, I have made some stickers.

This sticker promotes my blog and includes the cool blog mascot my 15 year old son created.

This is the first sticker I have made and wish I could hope in the TARDIS and go back and change a few things... like, the text color and overall size. The sticker is a bit small and the text does not have enough contrast. It will be better next time!

Below are the stickers I collected at BILT-NA. There may have been others, but these are the ones I managed to get my hands on.

These stickers were created by...

Update: Carl commented below on an oversight I made. The "pro-wrestler-like" stickers are promoting the active Canadian user groups Doc - Dynamaniacs of Calgary: and DoE - Dynamaniacs of Edmonton:

Some overachievers even bring t-sheets (Aaron:)). I need to get one of those. Of course, he is the only one in the list above promoting his actual business, and not a side-gig (or hobby?)!


  1. Hrmmm. What size are you? I'll bring you one to Aarhus. :)

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  4. Don't forget the Doc - Dynamaniacs of Calgary:
    and the DoE - Dynamaniacs of Edmonton:

    Thanks for sharing Dan!

    1. Thanks Carl. I updated the post. I was confused.


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