Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How to redeem your SDC Publications access code

At this time of year, most schools have begun in the United States. One of the reasons I created this blog, earlier this year, is to capture answers to questions I receive from instructors using my books within their program. If one person has a question, there are likely others who could benefit from the answer. Plus, I can better organize my answers and more easily share links as a reply.

I previously wrote a post on errata as it relates to my books; you can read that here: Even Homer Nods; SDC Publications Book Errata.

Gone are the days of...
including a CD with a book. SDC Publications, like most publishers in the academic market, now include a unique Access Code to gain access to files referenced in the books. This includes starter files, sample files, image files and even bonus chapters such as an introduction to ElumTools, a lighting design add-in software for Revit.

ACCESS CODE; Unique Code Inside
The steps to access the files are outlined on the Inside Front Cover as shown below...
Inside front cover of SDC Publications textbooks

Additionally, SDC Publications has created a how-to video on YouTube which is linked below...

Good luck to all the new students jumping into Revit this semester!

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