Monday, November 20, 2017

Dell Canvas 27

I had the opportunity to play with the Dell Canvas 27... which is a nice sized touch monitor and drawing surface. This is similar to the Microsoft Surface Studio with Surface Dial.

For those looking to do some readlines in Bluebean Revu, sketch on a blank canvas, or to embellish a rendered iamge in Photoshop, the Canvas is worth a look.

This is more of an "at your desk" tool, and not necessarily something you would haul around with you, given its size. But I imagine the large drawing area is what most would like about this particular product.

As a test, I opened...
an Enscape rendered image in Adobe Photoshop -- most drawing hardware has direct support for Photoshop. The pen is pressure sensitive and the puck (totem?) provides instant access to brush size. style, color... without any training. In the image below, I just pressed the puck to open an on-screen menu to see the pen/brush related options.

The next image highlights the sketching I did in just the first 15 minutes of learning to use the tool. Not too fancy, but pretty nice effect for a first attempt.

This display was the only monitor connected to the computer. The product would work just fine with multiple displays, but worth pointing out that is not required. In the image below you can see a portion of the Windows task bar,

Here is a link to the product specs: Dell Canvas 27

I did also create a sketch from a blank canvas, but it was too embarrassing to share! BTW, did you know I have written two books on hand sketching:

  • Chapters in Architectural Drawing; Hand Sketching in a Digital World
  • Interior Design Using Hand Sketching, SketchUp, and Photoshop

  • Fun stuff.

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