Thursday, March 8, 2018

Oculus Down

Not a lot of light coming through the oculus yesterday! The company, Oculus - who is owned by Facebook, somehow forgot to update a security certificate which rendered all of the Rift headsets around the world inoperable. We have nine of them...

With nothing else to do, gamers , and some professionals I am sure, spent the day posting on the Oculus forum; 1.9k posts in roughly 24 hours!

An Oculus official had posted a couple updates during the day... as seen in this next image:

By this morning, the fix was in... as noted in Update #3.

I like that the patch to fix ALL "bricked" Oculus Rift devices starts with "If", which suggests some people may not have the problem? Nice.

If you have an Oculus, best to get it patched right away, before your next big meeting!

Support info:

Patch download:

As luck would have it, I was off yesterday having fun with my family at the Mall of America, breaking out of prison; in The Escape Game. I had emailed someone in our office, suggesting they use the Oculus for something, but their plans changed. Besides, we mostly use our four HTC Vives these days.

Update #1:
Here is an email I received this morning form Oculus on this subject:

Update #2:
Images from patch process:

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