Sunday, April 9, 2017

ArchVision Content Comes to Life in Revit

This is an updated post from an old LinkedIn article...

ArchVision RPC content used in Revit rendering
I am working on some renderings to be used in our LHB Viewer (i.e. Google Cardboard) and came across a few interesting things related to ArchVision RPC content I thought I would share.

But first, you know about ArchVision content, right? ArchVision provides high quality plantings and entourage (vehicles and people) which can be placed directly within your Revit model. They are actual photographs and generally look correct from multiple vantage points (see image below). Generating a rendering from one vantage point you may see the front of a person, and then from another location you see that same person from the backside. They provide several free samples that come with the OOTB Revit content. But they also have a great subscription service which gives you access to hundreds of items. They also offer a network license so multiple people, in the same office, can share the subscription benefits.

The same RPC family viewed from different directions
This Revit add-in can generally eliminate the tedious process of adding entourage with Photoshop - which is great seeing as the design is usually changing and renderings need to be recreated multiple times. Also, the ArchVision content can cast shadows and show up in reflections (see the title image).

With Revit and the ArchVision Dashboard open, you can simply drag and drop the elements you want from Dashboard into Revit. Notice, in the image below, the filters near the bottom of the screen. Use these to quickly from any "red" vehicles and then further filter the results by selecting "truck".

ArchVision Dashboard
 Two quick things to be aware of when using the subscription service with  ArchVision Dashboard.

ArchVision Watermark
1). You need to have Dashboard open and the license checked out before opening Revit. If not, there will be a watermark on the RPC content when using realistic mode or rendering (locally or in the Cloud).

2). Don't press Ctrl + Tab in the Dashboard as this will crash the program! With Revit on one screen and Dashbaord on the other I did this by accident, thinking I was going to switch views in Revit. But Dashboard was the current window and did not like this.

I am told that both of these items will be corrected in the near future.

Finally, the cool thing I came across and prompted this post...

When placing seated people it can be tricky to position them properly so they look correct. They usually need to be moved around so they are not poking through the backrest or a table. I like to place a camera view next to one, and then select the PRC item plus the chair and then use the Isolate Elements command. Now I just have those two items on the screen. Selecting the chair (not the PRC item) - with realistic mode on for the camera view - I can orbit the content to quickly see if it is positioned correctly.

In the short video clip below I found that my RPC person came to life while orbiting in the camera view. Obviously these are created from 360 degree photography. Looking at her eyes while orbiting... she is alive in the Revit model!