Friday, April 7, 2017

Revit Ideas

In an effort to streamline how customer's can share ideas with Autodesk on improvements and new features in their software, they came up with Autodesk Ideas. Here, they have a specific area for Revit Ideas.

You can check it out via this link:

As you type your new idea in, the screen is searching for previous ideas that might be the same. If you find your idea has already been submitted, you should just vote for it rather than creating a new idea. Ideas that get a lot of traction, i.e. votes, will get Autodesk's attention and be more likely to make it into a future update.

Typing in a new Revit Idea
Also, when typing an idea, in addition to searching other ideas for the same words, it also searches the Autodesk forums. Lets face it, sometimes the software already does what we wished it would do! We just don't know how. This reminds me of a comment Phil Read used to say, when he worked for Autodesk, and someone would say in one of his presentations ten years ago... Revit can't do something... he would quickly reply in his lovable sarcastic way "your right, you can't do that in Revit".

In addition to posting and voting for new ideas you can comment on other's ideas. If you think it is not a valuable use of Autodesk's time to make Revit backwards compatible, you can voice your opinion. Or, if you think it is a great idea to print and zoom in on a schedule you can....

Vote for one of my ideas:
Update: My "Idea" was consolidated with another - read about it here: Revit Ideas Archived Due to Low Support
Here you can see a good discussion in the comments.