Sunday, April 2, 2017

Revizto; Live Sections from Sheets

Revizto is a great collaboration tool. Everyone who works on vertical projects at LHB has been trained on it. I am working on another post that gets into more detail on process and value. But for now, I wanted to share this updated LinkedIn post from last year...

Designers can use Revizto to validate live Revit details, i.e. not drafting views, in context. The 2D view is superimposed over a cutaway view of the 3D model. If that is not cool enough, the 2D view--with its notes and dimensions--can be re-positioned perpendicular to the cut plane by dragging the green icon as seen in the image and video below.

Does the detail cover all conditions for the Reception desk in this example? Simply slide the 2D view along the length of the custom in-place casework family to find out. Perhaps one or two more details may be needed to fully document all conditions.

Revizto knows if a view on a sheet is a live view from the model or if its just a drafting view. When viewing sheets in Revizto, any view (plan, elevation, section, or detail) with this green icon in the lower left is a live view from the model (see image below). Simply clicking on this icon overlays the 2D view on the 3D model at the specific cut plane.

When done viewing the 2D detail on the 3D model, click Clear and then close section mode by clicking the "X" in the upper right per the image below.