Saturday, April 15, 2017

Revit Materials; Transparencies

Revit Materials are only transparent in 3D views! The following images will tell the story and present a couple options…

In ANY elevation view, materials are not transparent as see in this first image (does not matter what the Visual Style is set to).

Elevation View, Glass not Transparent

Even turning off the glass Material (i.e. sub-category) in VV will not allow you to see through the “opening” as seen in this next image.

Elevation View, Glass Sub-Category Turned Off

The trick here is to edit the Opening Cut element in the family so it is transparent in elevation. Simply select the opening and check “elevation” on the Options Bar as shown in the image below.

Set Opening to Transparent in Family Editor

Once the opening is set to be transparent in elevation and the glass sub category is turned off you can see though the windows as shown in the image below.

2D View with Glass Turned off

Another option is to adjust a 3D view to “front”.

This is a flat view, just like an elevation, but is still technically still a 3D view. You can lock the view and add dimensions, tags and notes. But you will not get grids and levels. Turn on the Section Box and you will even get the toposurface in section.

3D View with opening transparent